Wild Caught Yellowtail Flounder Fillet (6-7pc)


Ocean Choice International (OCI) owns 91% of the MSC certified Yellowtail Flounder quota, which is harvested year round with OCI owned frozen-at-sea vessels.

As a vertically integrated company, OCI controls the value chain from ocean to plate.  We ensure high quality product from harvest to processing and distribution to customers.  This premium flatfish is a favourite around the world because of its sweet, mild taste and flakey texture.  Our Yellowtail Flounder is offered in a variety of forms, to meet the needs of our global customers.

Our yellowtail flounder fishery has been MSC certified since 2010.

Additional information

Weight | 重量


Origin | 產地

Canada 加拿大

Storage | 貯存於

-18°C or below