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Natural Chicken Thigh Bonless
Come From Thailand, Royal Farm
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'Royal Farm' Natural Chicken Thighs (boneless)

Net weight: 1kg (4-7 pc) 


*No antibiotics

*No added growth of hormone

*No preservatives

*Hatched, raised & harvested in Thailand

The Royal Farm Food Product Company Limited (The Company) has always placed the importance of food safety standard as has rejected the use of the likes of antibiotics or hormones in raising their/our products.

The company has committed itself in the innovative farming method to promote growth and at the same time banning the use of chemicals likely causing harm to human beings.

Thailand is now one of the chicken export country. As such, consumers can be assured of the good quality of its poultry product.

*IQF (Individual Quick Freezing)

The short freezing prevents formation of large ice crystals in the product’s cells, which destroys the membrane structures at the molecular level. This makes the product keep its shape, colour, smell and taste after defrost, at a far greater extent.

*GMP and HACCP Certification

*Halal Certification

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