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Corn Fed Free Range Chicken
Come From New Zealand, Rangitikei
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Rangitikei Chicken

Taste the Good Life.

Tender, juicy and delicious Rangitikei’s golden meat delivers superior tasting chicken for meals where good taste really matters. Rangitikei chickens are free to roam and forage out in the fresh New Zealand air in the Taranaki region.

Their diet of natural yellow corn supplemented with other grains, vitamins &

minerals, combined with a life lived with sunshine and fresh air, gives the chicken a succulent taste & texture for a richer buttery taste.

Rangitikei farmers take great pride in providing their chickens with a better standard of welfare and quality of life. All our farms are independently audited by Assure Quality.

Rangitikei Chicken our story


保存溫度 Storage Temperature:零下 -18 °C
產地 Country of Origin: 法國 France

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Remarks : Free Range; Corn-Fed; Royal NZ SPCA Approved
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