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Home Beef
Sirloin; Ribeye; Tomahawk; Tenderloin; Flank Steak; Hanging Steak; Skirt; Ribeye Cab; Wellington Beef; Bone Marrow; Prime Angus; Bone-in Ribeye; T-bone; Dry Aged; Aged; Prime; Greater Omaha; Waygu; Kobe; Burger
We offer the top range of beef from Wagyu, Kobe, Angus, and even Spanish Beef. From dry aged to Jet Fresh, we also customize the cut for our clients, please feel free to contact us :)
Spanish Dry Aged Bone-in Ribeye
Come From Spain, Discarlux
USDA Prime Natural Black Angus Beef Ribeye (0x0 Trimmed)
Come From USA, Creekstone Farms
Spanish Dry Aged Bone-in Sirloin
Come From Spain, Discarlux
Beef Chuck Rib Fingers
Come From USA
Veal Liver (Jet Fresh, Pre-order Only)
Come From Dutch, Peter's Farm
SRF Gold Grade American Wagyu Striploin BMS9+
Come From USA, Snake River Farms
Beef Shank
Come From USA
Veal Breast Bonless (Poitrine Avec OS)
Come From France
SRF American Wagyu Beef Cheek
Come From USA, Snake River Farms
USDA Prime Angus Boneless Short Ribs Sliced for Shabu Shabu
Come From USA
Beef Tendon, Grass Fed
Come From NZ, Silver Fern
Veal Liver
Come From NZ Silver Fern
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